Psychopharmacology, or medication management, centers on the physiological and psychological effects of medications on mood, sensation, thinking and behavior to alleviate psychiatric conditions such as anxiety, depression, mania or attention deficit disorder. At Pegasus Psychiatry, we will attempt to match you with the most appropriate medication while minimizing potential side effects based on a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation. This evaluation includes the completion of standardized scales prior to your initial appointment to assess for the presence and severity of psychiatric disorders and a thorough, comprehensive interview with you by a psychiatrist.

As part of the psychiatric evaluation, we will also get a medical history to ensure that any medical problems that could be influencing or exacerbating a psychiatric condition are addressed and to avoid potential problems with interactions between a psychiatric medication and other medications that you are taking. In some instances, we may order blood work prior to starting a medication or for ongoing monitoring of medications to ensure that you are tolerating the medication well and to avoid potential complications. Genetic testing can be ordered to assess whether certain medications may be better tolerated than others.

At Pegasus Psychiatry, we recognize the importance of taking time to spend with you. Getting to know our patients is critical both to monitoring for improvement as well as creating a safe, comforting, compassionate and warm environment.

Over the course of your care, we will closely monitor how you are responding to medication by continuing to meet with you on a regular basis and will provide brief scales to complete in advance of your follow up appointments to assess if you are improving. Scales, of course, are used to supplement the personal interaction that you will have with your psychiatrist or advance practice nurse.

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